Deca Holokausta

/1. Children in a work camp in Munich, 1943.

(Yad Vashem 7904/152)

2. Sril Jacob (11) and Zelig Jacob (9), who were sent to the gas chambers upon arrival at Auschwitz.

Sril and Zelig Jacob

(Yad Vashem FA268/0)

3. Jewish women and their children walking to the Birkenau gas chambers, May 1943.

(Yad Vashem FA268/122)

4. An elderly Jewish woman caring for young children on the way to the Birkenau gas chambers, May 1944.

(Yad Vashem FA268/119)

5. The bodies of a child and a man lying on a stretcher in the Soviet Union.

(Yad Vashem 7904/176)

6. Women and children after being freed from a concentration camp in Germany.

(Yad Vashem 7904/175)

7. Children huddled in the Warsaw ghetto, early 1940s.

warsaw children


8. Jewish children at Auschwitz, including twins kept alive to be used in Nazi medical experiments, December, 1944.

9. Children showing the scars from brutal medical experiments where their lymph nodes were infected with tuberculosis and then surgically removed at the Neuengamme concentration camp. All were murdered in 1945 to cover up the experiments.

10. Nazi soldier murdering Jewish civilians, including a mother and her child, in Ukraine, 1942.

11. Children of Buchenwald being liberated by American troops; among them is future author and Nobel Peace Prize winner Eli Wiesel.

12. Orphan survivors after their liberation, July, 1944.

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